Thursday, 22 September 2011

Welcome to the New Principal's Blog

As a new Principal, I am delighted to say how welcome I have been made by all of the students and staff at Wyke.

My first encounter with a student was on the first day at the main entrance when I was asked about my “educational philosophy”. I must confess that this was a first for me and I was somewhat taken aback. I did recover and informed her that “I believed in the power of education to transform lives” and that this was my experience as well as that of my family and friends. I realised that I should ask her for her philosophy and was delighted to hear a clearly thought out perspective from someone so young.

My experience at the entrance continues to amaze me. A returning student came to shake my hand, introduced himself and welcomed me. Wow! Is this what I can expect form all students at Wyke? I would not have had the confidence to do this even as a new teacher.

Thereafter, straight into the cycle of results, reviews, student talks, staff meetings and enrolment analysis. I am really pleased to say that despite the apparently chaotic nature of the first few days, everything seems well organised and all of the staff and students know what to do. Roll on the first Parents’ evening, the “whole” College photograph,  Awards evening in October and the first of three Open evenings in November.