Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Key Factor in the Success of our College

As the examination period approaches, I cannot help but marvel at the tremendous work that is being done throughout the College.  At lunchtimes, in the evenings and before the start of the day, students and staff can be seen beavering away on revision sessions, techniques for learning and any "last-minute" explanations.  This is a critical period and a key factor in the success of our College.  I would urge you all to take the opportunity available and listen to the advice and guidance offered by the staff.

It has been a very successful year and one that continues right up to the last day of term (28th June).  It is important that all first year students on BTEC and AS programmes of study realise this and refrain from assuming that the academic year finishes after the exams.  I have been a little disappointed by the number of requests for holidays during term time.  On each occasion I have stated that it is College policy that any holidays during term time will be unauthorised and could have an influence on the decision to allow students to progress on to the second year.

As always, apart from the preparation for examinations, this has been a busy term with music concerts at Holy Trinity Church in Hull and the Minster in Beverley; examination practicals in PE, Performing Arts, Music and Science, and the extended examinations in Art and Design.

These last few weeks are critical and can make all the difference between achieving one's potential and not; between getting into the first choice University and the first choice course; between securing a place on the Higher level apprenticeship at a prestigious company and not.  However, it is also the period when the weather improves, with extended daylight hours and the "draw of the outdoors".  With the onset of the “hay fever season” and the rising temperatures, I cannot help feeling that we have not got it quite right.  However, with the abolition of January examinations and the proposed move to terminal examinations at the end of 2 years, many other wholescale structural changes will be necessary to the academic calendar, including the start of the academic term in the school/college/university year.  I cannot but despair at the reports in the press about longer days and the reduction in the number of holidays.  I doubt if it will contribute to raising standards and will have a negative impact on the commitment of staff and students.

The Bank Holiday weekend was much-needed, not least for the beautiful weather but also my football team's 'small' contribution to the success of Hull City.  I think that it will have a big impact on the reputation of the city and all who are associated with Hull.  Staying with the football metaphor, my team has a new manager with a different style and philosophy, a manager that will certainly be 'strengthening' the team and squad for the challenges ahead.  We have certainly been doing that and I would like to thank all the students who have contributed to the selection process by participating in the lessons and offering views.  As always, I am delighted and proud of the insight, perception and kindness shown by all of you in ensuring that Wyke Sixth Form College continues to improve and is ready for the challenges ahead.

As my 'friend' Bob sings:

            "…….. May your wishes all come true
                        May you always do for others
                        And let others do for you
                        May you build a ladder to the stars
                        And climb on every rung
                        May you stay forever young."                   

Good luck to all of you in the forthcoming examinations.