Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Making the right choice

The Easter break represents a crucial period in the academic calendar.  All of you are at a point in your Wyke career when the choices that you make will greatly influence the degrees of success that you are likely to achieve.

The Rag Week is in “full flow” and I have just been downstairs to witness the students vs staff games as well as the Super Mario races.  There is a great atmosphere and a tremendous level of energy throughout our campus.

Amidst all of this, many of you, students, teachers, support staff and members of our Corporation are involved in choosing the next Principal for our College.  How do we reconcile such divergent and complex things that surround us?

So much is going on and the decisions that are made will have a significant and profound influence on us all:

  • What do I need to do to improve my grades?
  • Which events should I participate in during Rag Week?
  • How can I influence the choice of our “new” Principal?
  • What sacrifices do I need to make now in order to achieve success in the future?

The complexity and connectedness of things that happen at our College and that we do are a testament of the beauty of all that happens.  Albert Einstein said:

“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex”.

So the appointment of the Principal will occur and whoever is chosen to lead our College to the next stage will be an excellent choice.  I am certain that the “new” Principal will want you to make the necessary sacrifices at Easter, to get involved in all that happens at our College and to listen to your voice about how your experience can be improved.  Remember that all of us have to work exceptionally hard in order to succeed.  Albert Einstein said:

“Inspire others by the way you deal with your struggles, your heartache, your imperfections”.

So my message to you, and one that underlies everything that I have previously said, is that you need to take control of your life and look for positive solutions to the issues that you face.  Do not look for others to solve the everyday issues that concern you.  Be part of a team in which your positivity helps to bring about the greater good.  My close friends and the ones that I value are all people who are “energy givers” rather than “energy sappers”.

“The essential challenge is to transform the isolation and self-interest within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole”,          Peter Block

My beloved Leeds are faltering but have a new manager who I am confident will lead us to success, perhaps not in 2018 but 2019.  But then again, I am just an optimistic fan.

Have a great Easter.

Jay Trivedy

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  1. Still no word of the Ofsted inspection December 2017????